Premises liability is legal responsibility put forth by state and federal statutes that allow individuals to experience a safe environment, wherever they are. Premises liability makes property owners responsible for creating and maintaining a certain standard in conditions for anyone who occupies the space. This applies to sidewalks, stairwells, and even the grounds surrounding the area. Common injuries that result from neglected premises can include broken bones and concussions from slip and fall accidents.

Our accomplished Houston Premises Liability attorney pursues property owners who do not maintain safe conditions and will represent you or your family in a premises liability claim.

Laws surrounding premises liability focus on the visitor who is injured due to subpar property conditions. This visitor falls into one of three categories:

The invitee

The invitee is a person is expressly or indirectly invited onto the property. With the invite comes the owner’s responsibility to provide the highest quality of care using every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of said invitee(s).

The licensee

The licensee enters the property for his or her fixed purposes with the owner’s consent. The owner is required by law to warn any licensee of hidden dangers but is not required to fix them.

The trespasser

A trespasser has absolutely no right to be on the property at any time. When entering, the trespasser forgoes their right to safety, leaving no duty of care necessary by the owner of the property. Our Houston premises liability attorney may be able help a trespasser recover damages from their injury if the property does not divert entrance from individuals with proper signage or fencing.

Our Houston premises liability law firm understands that no two premises liability cases are alike. The circumstances and injuries suffered in these cases vary significantly. With the help of a skilled Houston premises liability attorney, victims of these cases can achieve financial and physical recovery in a timely and effective manner. Common slip and fall accidents are caused by:

Broken Staircases or Elevators

Debris/Liquid Spills

Falling Debris/Objects

Icy Walks/Passages

Lack of Notice for Dangerous Conditions

Poor Lighting

Premises liability is about more than defending an isolated slip and fall incident. It is about the personal responsibility of the property owner to provide safe conditions for their visitors. Proving fault in these cases is no easy task. Our Houston premises liability law firm will take necessary measures and work with experts to gather evidence, obtain security camera footage, witness statements and recreate the accident and how it took place. Let us work for you to create a solid case on your behalf and pursue the highest possible financial recovery.

Common Premises Liability Cases in Houston, TX

An injury caused by a premises liability accident may have relatively minor consequences, such as a slip-and-fall that results in a scraped knee, large bruise, or even a sprained wrist. However, accidents falling under the category of premises liability can also cause substantial harm to victims. For example, a business that fails to use adequate security measures on its property could be liable for customers or visitors becoming the victim of major crimes, such as armed robbery or sexual assault. These incidents can not only cause serious physical harm; they can result in emotional trauma that can require years of psychological treatment. Likewise, something as minor as the poorly-maintained carpet at the top of a staircase could cause a victim to trip and fall down a flight of stairs, resulting in possible broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries that could result in paralysis.

In order to understand the full value of your claims after a Texas premises liability accident, it’s important to speak with a Houston personal injury attorney who has years of experience pursuing claims on behalf of accident victims. The Houston personal injury lawyer to can provide you with a no-cost consultation on your slip-and-fall, trip-and-fall, or other premises liability claim, offering you a sense of the types of compensation you should seek in your claim for damages.

Injured on Someone Else’s Premises in Houston

Do not let homeowners, property owners, private or public companies intimidate you with corporate attorneys, insurance agents or representatives. Contact our Houston law office immediately if you have been injured on someone else’s premises, even if it is a friend or family member. When you’re injured on property owned by family or friends, you may feel guilty about filing a claim against them for your injuries. After all, you don’t want to make money out of their pocket—even if their negligence did result in money being taken out of your own. Fortunately, there are often insurance policies that cover the home or building in which you were injured that will provide compensation for your injury. Your friends and family members purchase these insurance policies for a reason: to provide compensation when people like you suffer injuries, protecting both you and them from covering the cost of those injuries out of pocket. Our seasoned Houston trip and fall attorney can devise a legal strategy that will allow your relationship to remain intact while we pursue a third party insurance company for restitution. Your health and livelihood, as well as that of your family’s, should never be jeopardized by another’s negligence. Allow our Houston premises liability attorney to understand the details of your case beginning with a free consultation today.

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A serious injury can leave a mark on your life in many ways, not the least of which is financially. Further, we charge no attorney fees until we obtain compensation for your injury case. Take advantage of our No Recovery, No Fee guarantee.

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